Hourly Rate

Automatic lessons - £28 per hour 


Semi Intensive Courses

Usually 30 hours of in car work spread over, say, 3 weeks to ease some of the pressures you would otherwise feel on an intensive course. We book your test to suit, and then plan your hours around that date. Semi Intensive courses can be reduced to 25 hours (with a corresponding price reduction) if you have gained some experience already.

£880 - inclusive of DSA test fee


Intensive Course

30 hours of in car training in the week running up to your pre-arranged test date. This will be done over 5 days.

£900 inclusive of DSA test fee.      


Part Qualified Course

Between 12 and 18 hours of in car training depending on your previous experience. This can be done on an intensive or semi intensive basis, around your test date.

12 hours   £400

18 hours   £565

Specific Needs

All the above hours can be adjusted to suit your own individual requirements so if you would prefer say a 15,20 or 40 hour course then please let me know.


Someone's special day? Have you thought of making a driving course a present? If so, then I will happily provide you with a gift token.