Well before I tell you about the car, why automatic?
As I detailed in my home page,many new cars are now automatic and all new electric cars and hybrids are, and will be, so.
Most drivers would probably admit that driving an automatic car is a little easier than a manual one. From the learners point of view it means that instead of focussing on, and worrying about, the clutch and the gearbox, you can spend more time actually looking at what is going on around you at roundabouts  and junctions.
Lack of observations at junctions and during manouveres are the most common areas for failing the DSA test. An automatic car can give you a head start!!

My car is a 2014 automatic Volkswagen Beetle Sport.It is a 2.0 litre diesel vehicle.
For your comfort it has digital climate control with electric windows and a height adjustable seat and steering wheel. The Mirrors are also electric to assist you in some manoeuvres if required.
Of course it has dual controls so that i can assist you or take control as required.

It will probably surprise you to learn that like a lot of modern automatic cars it is actually more fuel efficient than its' manual equivalent!!.For the technically minded it has the fabulous VW DSG gearbox.(Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe)...just means it has a really swift gearchange that you wont even notice!

When you pass your test in an automatic car the licence you get will not allow you to drive a manual car except as a learner again, but with the modern automatic cars I do not think that will worry many people.